Company History

Company Name: Environmental Service Engineers Limited
Trading Name: ESE
Company Number: 145849
Date of Incorporation: 23 February 2004
Commencement of Business: 01 March 2004
Share Holding: 100% Private Ownership

Environmental Service Engineers Ltd (ESE) commenced operation in Auckland, New Zealand March 2004.

The personnel of ESE were the key technical and marketing resources for Sulzer New Zealand Ltd, a large multi national company specialising in CNG, LPG, food processing equipment and water treatment systems. Primarily Sulzer were focused on markets in New Zealand, Australia and throughout Asia.

In late 1998, Sulzer closed operations in New Zealand due to a down turn in the CNG sector within New Zealand, due to the Asian crisisthat hit Sulzer very hard.

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Market Attraction

For the following reasons, ESE has been formed as a business opportunity:

  • To continue with the Sulzer/Greenfield representation within New Zealand. Process gas compressor sales, servicing and installation.
  • Continued requirement for servicing function of CNG, compressor servicing, oil company installation servicing.
  • Servicing as installation contractors internationally for CNG and LPG systems.
  • Servicing industry with enchanted electrical/electronic controller capacity.
  • New markets in water and sewage systems products.
  • Power Generation projects, installation, servicing and repairs.

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