CNG Dispensers

ESE have been involved with the design development and manufacturing of dispensing equipment for 30 years. Over this period of time, a large number of dispensers and dispensing equipment has been manufactured.

ESE personnel have worked on the development of both LPG and CNG dispensers of today. ESE has always been dedicated to providing an efficient cost effective solution to supplying your LPG or CNG.

Product development has always been at the forefront of ESE business strategies. We work closely with component suppliers to provide our clients with the most technologically advanced dispensing equipment available. The hardware used in both our LPG and CHG dispensers is manufactured to the highest standards and complies with Australian standards. Processor software supports communication protocol with most external forecourt management systems.

Latest development supports data acquisition from electronic displays and processors to mass flow metros using a bus network.

ESE expertise is recognised within the industry. Our specialist knowledge has been utilized by some of our local competitors, contracting our manufacturing services.


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