Chem-Feed Equipment Servicing

ESE personnel have been involved with the service and installation of chemical feed and monitoring equipment since the early 1990’s.
We have considerable knowledge and understanding of chemicals and resistance materials under certain conditions.

ProMinent has an excellent reputation for reliable Chem.-Feed and Water Treatment Systems. ESE has endeavoured to maintain the very highest of standards and has worked closely with Prominent to undertake service and installations to the highest standards.

All personnel have been involved with training programmes and are encouraged to continue with ongoing personnel growth through knowledge of the ProMinent product range. Courses are always made available for staff to continue with personnel development.

As we represent ProMinent within New Zealand and the Pacific region we service all types and models of ProMinent equipment. We have a large database of pumps and monitoring equipment. If you require any assistance please contact the ESE Auckland workshops.

ESE with its long history within the chemical feed and water treatment industry has been involved with many installations and service work within the sector. We have a team of technicians available 24/7 for any emergency requirements. We have current long term contracts with city councils and large organisations.

With the vast experience with the various industries, we have gathered a good understanding of a lot of different manufacturers equipment. Customer satisfaction in extremely important and we will endeavour to service and repair any customer requirements.



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